PSC Bridges-2 Storage (Bridges-2 Ocean)


The Bridges-2 Ocean data management system provides a unified, high-performance filesystem for active project data, archive, and resilience. Ocean consists of two tiers, disk and tape, transparently managed by HPE DMF as a single, highly usable namespace.

Ocean's disk subsystem, for active project data, is a high-performance, internally resilient Lustre parallel filesystem with 15PB of usable capacity, configured to deliver up to 129GB/s and 142GB/s of read and write bandwidth, respectively.

Ocean's tape subsystem, for archive and additional resilience, is a high-performance tape library with 7.2PB of uncompressed capacity (estimated 8.6PB compressed, with compression done transparently in hardware with no performance overhead), configured to deliver 50TB/hour.

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