Hello all,

We are pleased to announce we have opened up the login nodes for the new Stampede3 system, to allow you to begin the migration process.

At this time functionality is still limited; the new storage system and updated software stack are now available, but the only compute nodes available for running jobs are a few of the old Stampede2 “SKX” and “ICX” nodes (the login nodes do have the new Sapphire Rapids chip).

At this time, we ask you to simply migrate the data you wish to keep from Stampede2, and to begin testing building and running in the new software stack (per the directions below). You will NOT need to migrate data from $WORK as that file system will be automatically mounted on Stampede3. However, anything in your $HOME or $SCRATCH directories will need to be moved.

In the coming days, we will move the remaining Stampede2 compute nodes to Stampede3, and open larger queues for early user runs. During this early user period, any jobs you submit will *not* be charged against your allocation.

The 560 new Sapphire Rapids nodes have been built, but we are waiting on the installation of the new chilling distribution units in the datacenter to support the direct-to-chip liquid cooling these nodes require to operate. These chilling units are on a ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean right now – we are hoping they are installed by the end of this month. Once functional, we expect the system to remain in “early user” mode through sometime in early March, when we will move to production mode and begin charging your allocations.

Though the queues on Stampede2 will soon close, we will keep the login nodes and filesystems up on a best effort basis through at least March 15th to support data migration.


Dan Stanzione



Those with an active Stampede3 allocation will be able to ssh with the following:  

ssh userName@stampede3.tacc.utexas.edu

You will use the same password and MFA you use for accessing Stampede2.

To move your data, we recommend using either cp or rsync.  

Moving a file: 

cp $HOME_S2/fileName $HOME


rsync -r $HOME_S2/fileName $HOME

Moving a directory: 

rsync -r $SCRATCH_S2/dirName $SCRATCH


cp -r $SCRATCH_S2/dirName $SCRATCH

Please ONLY migrate data that you need to continue your research.

Currently, there is no Globus endpoint on Stampede3. We will make an announcement as soon as the endpoint becomes available.

Affinity Group