For researchers with the largest-scale computational, analysis, and storage needs, requests for Maximize ACCESS allocations can be submitted during the period of March 15 - April 15. Approved allocations will begin or renew on July 1, 2023. 

  • March 15 (Request window opens)
  • April 15 (Request window closes) 
  • Early June (Review meeting) 
  • Mid June (Notifications sent to requestors) 
  • July 1 (Start/renewal date)

The following Maximize ACCESS cycle will happen with proposal submissions from June 15 to July 15, with awards starting October 1. Going forward, ACCESS Allocations will be moving to a semi-annual cycle for Maximize ACCESS requests with start dates in April and October. 

Researchers with existing large-scale XSEDE Research or earlier Maximize ACCESS should contact the Allocations team with any questions or concerns to determine the best option for aligning their project renewals with the semi-annual schedule.

ACCESS Collaboration