Since 2017, PEARC (Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing) has been the premier place for the real nuts and bolts of research computing, welcoming scientists, operations, students and vendors alike. PEARC24 will continue this tradition next summer and I am extremely proud to have been elected general chair for PEARC24 by the steering committee.

Volunteering for the PEARC leadership committee is an exciting opportunity to make an impact and serve the community. Whether you have served on the committee before or are looking to join the committee, we would be excited to hear from you. We are currently seeking highly motivated volunteers to serve on the leadership committee, in roles such as:

  1. Conference Co-Chair
  2. Technical Program Chairs
  3. Student Program Chairs
  4. Finance Chairs
  5. Communications Chair
  6. Proceeding Chair
  7. DEI Chair
  8. Logistics Chair
  9. Plenary Chair
  10. Networking Chair

If you are interested in signing up, please email me at  and let me know you are interested. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.