DAGMan (Directed Acyclic Graph Manager) is a meta-scheduler for HTCondor. It manages dependencies between jobs at a higher level than the HTCondor Scheduler. It is a workflow management system developed by the High-Throughput Computing (HTC) community, specifically for managing large-scale scientific computations and data analysis tasks. It enables users to define complex workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs). In a DAG, nodes represent individual computational tasks, and the directed edges represent dependencies between the tasks. DAGMan manages the execution of these tasks and ensures that they are executed in the correct order based on their dependencies. The primary purpose of DAGMan is to simplify the management of large-scale computations that consist of numerous interdependent tasks. By defining the dependencies between tasks in a DAG, users can easily express the order of execution and allow DAGMan to handle the scheduling and coordination of the tasks. This simplifies the development and execution of complex scientific workflows, making it easier to manage and track the progress of computations.

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