"These notes are part of the UW Experimental College course on Introductory C Programming. They are based on notes prepared (beginning in Spring, 1995) to supplement the book The C Programming Language, by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, or K&R as the book and its authors are affectionately known. (The second edition was published in 1988 by Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-110362-8.) These notes are now (as of Winter, 1995-6) intended to be stand-alone, although the sections are still cross-referenced to those of K&R, for the reader who wants to pursue a more in-depth exposition." C is a low-level programming language that provides a deep understanding of how a computer's memory and hardware work. This knowledge can be valuable when optimizing apps for performance or when dealing with resource-constrained environments.C is often used as the foundation for creating cross-platform libraries and frameworks. Learning C can allow you to develop libraries that can be used across different platforms, including iOS, Android, and desktop environments.

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