PSC Bridges-2 Regular Memory (Bridges-2 RM)


Bridges-2 Regular Memory (RM) nodes provide extremely powerful general-purpose computing, machine learning and data analytics, AI inferencing, and pre- and post-processing. Each Bridges RM node consists of two AMD EPYC “Rome” 7742 64-core CPUs, 256-512GB of RAM, and 3.84TB NVMe SSD. 488 Bridges-2 RM nodes have 256GB RAM, and 16 have 512GB RAM for more memory-intensive applications (see also Bridges-2 Extreme Memory nodes, each of which has 4TB of RAM). Bridges-2 RM nodes are connected to other Bridges-2 compute nodes and its Ocean parallel filesystem and archive by HDR-200 InfiniBand.

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Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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