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Pegasus is a workflow management system, which enables you to run computational workflows across ACCESS resources. Users will seamlessly be able to orchestrate jobs and data movements at different resource providers. At this point, Pegasus on ACCESS is mainly used for high throughput computing (HTC) workloads, consisting of jobs which can fit on a single compute node (single core, multicore, or single node MPI jobs). Pegasus comes with a variety of useful tools that allow users to keep track of their workflows, and debug them when failures occur. A workflow submit host is available for users to submit and manage workflows.

Jupyter Notebooks
Workflows in Jupyter notebooks
Powerful workflow
Powerful workflow API
HT Condor
Dynamic HTCondor Pools
Open OnDemand
Hosted management environment

Pegasus bridges the scientific domain and the execution environment by automatically mapping high-level workflow descriptions onto distributed resources. It automatically locates the necessary input data and computational resources necessary for workflow execution.

Watch a 5 minute introduction to Pegasus video:


ACCESS Pegasus Pilot

The ACCESS Pegasus offering is currently in a pilot phase. This means that even though the system might lack some of the finishing touches, users are invited to explore and provide feedback on what they would like to see in a production version.

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