View information about allocations, usage data, and usage, as well as specific information about your usage and general historic usage of the ACCESS allocated resources.

Optimize job efficiency

View information about active and expired allocations.

Monitor allocation usage

View information about active and expired allocations.

View historical usage

View both personal usage and that of aggregated users.

Using XDMoD

What do I need to do to start using XDMoD?
Anyone with an ACCESS Identity can login to XDMoD. Information about your ACCESS allocations and historical usage of ACCESS resources is automatically populated.
How can I find information about my ACCESS allocation usage?
Just log on to XDMoD and click on the “Allocations” tab. It will display information about your allocations.
How can I use XDMoD to improve my job efficiency and allocation usage efficiency?
Many jobs do not use all of the resources asked for so they effectively use the allocation inefficiently. Your recent jobs show in the “ Jobs” window on the DashBoard tab that is displayed when you login to XDMoD. Click on a job to view detailed information. For older jobs, you can use the “Search” button in the Job Viewer tab. If you know the Job Identifier and the compute resource then you can use the Quick Job Lookup. Alternatively, you can search for your jobs by entering “User” in the filter of the Advanced Search, finding your user name in the Select a Value box, then selecting the job you want to view in the viewer from the list of jobs displayed. Use the output of the Job Viewer to check for how many cores and nodes are actually used as opposed to how many you may have requested.
How can I view historical usage in XDMoD?
You can view your own historical usage or the historical aggregated usage by logging in to XDMoD and using the Usage tab to make simple plots of data or the Metric Explorer tab to make more complex plots. A great variety of information is available from XDMoD.