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ACCESS Monitoring and Measurement Services (MMS) collects usage and performance data from the diverse ecosystem of NSF advanced cyberinfrastructure (CI), which includes high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing and advanced networks.

MMS provides the ACCESS XDMoD tool to explore, analyze, and report on CI data. This allows ACCESS stakeholders to make data-driven decisions regarding complex, competitive, and expensive cyberinfrastructure.


For Researchers

View current and historical information regarding your CI usage. Make the most out of your allocations by proactively identifying inefficient jobs.

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XDMoD for Researchers

For Resource Providers

Automatically find users and groups running inefficient jobs. Quality of service monitoring and reporting. Automatically generate reports for funding agencies.

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XDMoD for Research Providers

For the CI community

Gain insight into national CI usage. Export data for research projects.

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XDMoD for Ci Community