Automate Data Handling between ACCESS and On Campus Storage

Event Date
04/05/2023 - 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM EDT

As the volume of data generated continues to explode, the need to move data quickly and reliably for analysis, collaboration, and storage increases. Whether you want to move data off expensive instruments, sync data between local and remote resources, publish data to portals, or even archive data for long-term preservation, automating the data handling will reduce obstacles and make the data available to others more quickly. In this webinar you will learn some best practices and automation techniques. Learn how to:

· Make your data more accessible, even to those without local accounts

· Schedule transfers for data that must be moved regularly and reliably (e.g., off an instrument)

· Automate a multi-step transfer - to an intermediary storage system, and then to an ACCESS resource via a simple web interface using Globus Flows

· Use the Globus command line interface (CLI) to set up and automate data transfers


Steve Turoscy, Professional Services Manager, University of Chicago, Globus



This webinar will be held via Zoom and dates/times are in US Central Daylight Time