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Jetstream2 is a transformative update to the NSF’s science and engineering cloud infrastructure and provides 8 petaFLOPS of supercomputing power to simplify data analysis, boost discovery, and increase availability of AI resources. It is an NSF-funded, user-friendly cloud environment designed to allow “always on” research infrastructure and to give researchers access to interactive computing and data analysis resources on demand, whenever and wherever they want to analyze their data.

It provides a library of virtual machines and shared software designed to create research infrastructure or to perform discipline-specific scientific analysis. Software creators and researchers will be able to create their own customized virtual machines (VM) or their own private computing system within Jetstream2.

While it shares many common features and abilities with other research computing resources, Jetstream2 is a cloud resource and is not a traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) or High Throughput Computing (HTC) environment.