On 01/31/2024 at 4pm, the queues for Stampede2 closed permanently. 

Jobs that are already in the queue will complete their runs. No new jobs will be accepted. 

Stampede2 login nodes will remain up so that you may continue to transfer data to Stampede3: https://docs.tacc.utexas.edu/hpc/stampede3/#migrating

If you would like to request an allocation on Stampede3, you may do so here: https://allocations.access-ci.org/


 Hello all,

We are pleased to announce we have opened up the login nodes for the new Stampede3 system, to allow you to begin the migration process.

At this time functionality is still limited; the new storage system and updated software stack are now available, but the only compute nodes available for running jobs are a few of the old Stampede2 “SKX” and “ICX” nodes (the login nodes do have the new Sapphire Rapids chip).

Over the next few months, Stampede2 will transition to Stampede3. In order to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible, please carefully read this announcement.

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