04/10/24 - 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EDT



This tutorial targets scientists who need to visualize and analyze large scientific datasets interactively. The tutorial demonstrates how the National Science Data Fabric (NSDF)’s services enable accessible, flexible, and customizable workflows for multi-faceted analysis and visualization of various datasets. The tutorial walks through workflow steps of generating large datasets through modular applications, storing this data remotely, and analyzing and visualizing the data locally to draw scientific conclusions. NSDF services allow users to stream data from public storage platforms like DataVerse or private storage platforms like Seal Storage and access an easy-to-use NSDF dashboard for immediate interaction with data.

The tutorial highlights how to move through every step of the modular workflow, handling different data formats that are efficient for streaming, and how to use visualization for scientific inference on subsets of selected data.

Come join us to learn about using NSDF services to empower your research!



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