ACCESS MATCH Services connects researchers with consultants, mentors, and students to help solve their research problems.


Help from a student/mentor team
3-6 month engagement

We will match you with a support team based on your needs.

Solve research needs like expanding code, transitioning from lab computers to HPC, or introducing new technologies.

Steps in a MATCH Plus Engagement


Researcher (PI) recognizes support need and submits an engagement request.


A mentor and a student are matched with the project.


Student carries out the project with a mentor and PI through regular meetings.


How can I find out if my project is a good fit for a MATCH engagement?
Fill in a MATCH Request Form or contact to discuss your research need.
What’s the timeline for a MATCH Plus engagement?
Once an engagement is received it often takes 2-4 weeks to process, scope, and staff a request. MATCH Plus engagements typically occur during the schedule of a semester.
What are example Milestones in a MATCH Plus engagement?
Example Milestones in a 3-4 Month Engagement
  1. Understand code/research problems
    • Identify CPU & memory requirements
  2. Profile code
    • Identify hot spots
    • Outline plan for improvements
  3. Apply for ACCESS resources
    • Identify appropriate resources
    • Create estimation of SUs required based on testing and profiling.
  4. First round of implementation of improvements
  5. Github repository made public
    • Documentation complete
    • Public wrap presentation
Example Milestones in a 6 Month Engagement
  1. Ramp Up
    • Discuss recurring meeting schedules (weekly, monthly, etc.)
    • Tutorials (Intro to GPU computing)
    • Jetstream accounts setup, access/navigation
    • Test run ice sheet flow simulations on GPUs, view results
  2. Identify and rank top 1-3 bottlenecks
  3. Alleviate top 1-3 bottlenecks
  4. Develop a performance portable hardware (or architecture) agnostic implementation
  5. Wrap up
    • Prepare conference poster/proceeding
    • ACCESS Wrap meeting/presentation
How is a student and mentor matched to an MATCH Plus Engagement?
Once an engagement is received by the MATCH staff and deemed a viable engagement, the researcher fills in details about the engagement that help match a student and mentor to the project. CSSN members maintain their expertise and interests with tags and the MATCH team uses that information to find the best candidates for an engagement.
How much time commitment is involved for students?
Time commitment varies per engagement need but a typical time commitment is 5-10 hours a week for 3-6 months.
How much time commitment is involved for mentors?
Time commitment varies per engagement need but a typical time commitment is 2-3 hours a week for 3-6 months.

MATCH Premier

Help from an expert consultant
6-12 month engagement
Funded by your institution or your grant funds

Use expert consultants to help with your compute research challenges.

Proposal support may be available if you need significant or unusual allocations, including projects where a well designed plan will maximize scientific output.

Steps in a MATCH Premier Engagement


Researcher submits a project and secures funding.


Consultants are matched with the projects and payment is arranged.


Consultant carries out project with PI.