Using station data and downscaled reanalysis to assess the occurrence of extreme weather
University of Maine, Augusta

Meteorological observations across North America and Europe suggest a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather (heat waves, cold waves, precipitation events) coincident with satellite-measured major decline of Arctic sea ice over the past decade. This project will assess the occurrence and impact of extreme weather events across Northern New England using both station data and climate reanalysis models. Weather and climate are critically important across Northeast New England, owing to the heavy reliance of natural resources for its economy. In particular this project involves mining multi-terabyte databases and model outputs to visualize data in a variety of formats.

Big Data Portal for Sharing Real-world Bioinformatics Data Sets to the Public Domain
University of Maine, Augusta

This project aims to facilitate the sharing of large data sets for research and education across Maine as well as across the Open Storage Network. It is the intention of Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratories (MDIBL) to make data files and metadata publicly available in exchange for free access. This data is of interest and value to Data Science faculty at the University of Maine Augusta, for teaching and research as part of a system-wide data science degree.

The project requires the development of a front-end and back-end system, preferably developed in Go and deployed in a container, preferably Docker. The end result will allow uploading, downloading, metadata tagging, and HPC job submissions that use the data.

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