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ACCESS Facilitators People who use or support people who use ACCESS resources and the ACCESS Resource Allocation System. Login
ACCESS RP Integration ACCESS RPs and ACCESS RP Coordinator space for information dissemination and discussion. Login
ACCESS Support Become an ACCESS Support insider by joining our affinity group. Login
ACES Accelerating Computing for Emerging Sciences (ACES) is a NSF-Category II-funded test bed (award number 2112356) that offers state of the art GPUs and other novel accelerators in a composable environment. Login
Anvil Purdue University is the home of Anvil, a powerful new supercomputer that provides advanced computing capabilities to support a wide range of computational and data-intensive research spanning from traditional high-performance computing to modern artificial intelligence applications. Login
Bridges-2 Bridges-2, a resource of Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, is designed for converged HPC + AI + Data. Login
CSSN (Computational Science Support Network) The CSSN are active members of the research support community who share their expertise and get notifications of community opportunities. Login
DARWIN DARWIN (Delaware Advanced Research Workforce and Innovation Network) is a big data and high performance computing system designed to catalyze Delaware research and education funded by a $1.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Login
DELTA DELTA is a dedicated, ACCESS-allocated resource designed by HPE and NCSA, delivering a highly capable GPU-focused compute environment for GPU and CPU workloads. Login
Expanse Expanse is a dedicated ACCESS cluster designed by Dell and SDSC delivering 5.16 peak petaflops, and will offer Composable Systems and Cloud Bursting. Login
FASTER Fostering Accelerated Scientific Transformations, Education, and Research (FASTER) is a NSF-MRI-funded cluster (award number 2019129) that offers state of the art CPUs, GPUs, and NVMe (Non-Volatile MemoryExpress) based storage in a composable environment. Login
Jetstream-2 Jetstream2 is a transformative update to the NSF’s science and engineering cloud infrastructure and provides 8 petaFLOPS of supercomputing power to simplify data analysis, boost discovery, and increase availability of AI resources. It is an NSF-funded, user-friendly cloud environment designed to allow “always on” research infrastructure and to give researchers access to interactive computing and data analysis resources on demand, whenever and wherever they want to analyze their data. Login
KyRIC The KyRIC cluster will advance several exciting research programs across many disciplines, such as Bioinformatics and System Biology Algorithms, Large Graph and Evolutionary Network Analysis, Image Processing, and Computational Modeling and Simulation. Login
OOKAMI Ookami is a computer technology testbed supported by the National Science Foundation under grant OAC 1927880. It provides researchers with access to the A64FX processor developed by Riken and Fujitsu for the Japanese path to exascale computing and is currently deployed in the until June 2022 fastest computer in the world, Fugaku. Login
Open Science Grid The OSG provides technologies and services for supporting pools of distributed high-throughput computing (dHTC) and data capacity that serve a number of research communities, worldwide. Among these services, the OSG operates the Open Science Pool (OSPool), which includes capacity contributed from clusters at campuses and national labs across and beyond the US, organized as a single virtual cluster. Login
Open Storage Network The Open Storage Network (OSN) is a distributed data sharing and transfer service intended to facilitate exchanges of active scientific data sets between research organizations, communities and projects, providing easy access and high bandwidth delivery of large data sets to researchers. Login
Pegasus Pegasus is a workflow management system, which enables you to run computational workflows across ACCESS resources. Login
RANCH TACC's High Performance Computing (HPC) systems are used primarily for scientific computing and while their disk systems are large, they are unable to store the long-term final data generated on these systems. The Ranch archive system fills this need for high capacity long-term storage, by providing a massive high performance file system and tape-based backing store designed, implemented, and supported specifically for archival purposes. Login
Rockfish Johns Hopkins University's Rockfish is a community-shared cluster at Johns Hopkins University. It follows the "condominium model" with three main integrated units. Login
Stampede2 Stampede2, generously funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through award ACI-1540931, is one of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), University of Texas at Austin's flagship supercomputers. Login
Account and Access Management CI Facilitators A group for CI and RCD professionals responsible for the Account and Access Management solutions at their institutions. Participants can share and discuss the approaches they use for managing accounts, usage tracking and allocations. Login
AI Institutes Cyberinfrastructure Gathering place for AI researchers to find curated information about using ACCESS resources for AI applications and research. Login
Ask.CI Moderators Site Moderators and Locale Moderators for the Ask.CI Q&A platform for Research Computing. Login
Campus Champions The Campus Champions comprise a thriving community of practice for research computing, data and software professionals. Login
Campus Champions Region 1 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 1 covering Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington State. Login
Campus Champions Region 2 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 2 covering Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. Login
Campus Champions Region 3 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 3 covering Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and Wisconsin. Login
Campus Champions Region 4 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 4, covering Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. Login
Campus Champions Region 5 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 5 covering Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee Login
Campus Champions Region 6 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 6, covering Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virg Login
Campus Champions Region 7 Affinity group for legacy Campus Champions Region 7 covering Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Verm Login
CCMNet Mentors Cyberinfrastructure Community-Wide Mentorship Network Login
Cloud Computing People who use or are considering the use of cloud resources for research computing.     Login
Connect CI Alliance People who have or are thinking about adding a Portal View on Login
High Performance Visualization This affinity group will work to strengthen understanding and dissemination of best practices related to visualization and rendering of data on HPC systems. A focus here will be on remote visualization techniques, and low level headless rendering strategies. Login
HPC Ontologies and Metadata For groups and people working to build a set of standardized minimal HPC ontologies and metadata.  Login High Performance Computing and related fields such as Big Data, Research Computing, and related hardware and software engineering and development, cloud and data center operations, and career development. Login
Large Data Sets For people who evaluate or use storage options for researchers with large data sets.  Login
NSF Cyberinfrastructure Professionals People involved with the NSF-funded CyberTraining CIP class awards or Strengthening the Cyberinfrastructure Professionals Ecosystem (SCIPE) program Login
Open OnDemand For users and facilitators of Open OnDemand. Open OnDemand provides an intuitive, innovative, and interactive interface to remote computing resources. Open OnDemand helps computational researchers and students efficiently utilize remote computing resources by making them easy to access from any device. Login
Quantum Computing Researchers and enthusiasts interested in discussing quantum computing topics. Login
R for HPC People who use r on HPC systems and want to exchange experiences, best practices and/or collaborate.
RMACC/Campus Champions Region 8 Affinity group representing the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium and the legacy Campus Champions Region 8. Login
Small Scale Research Computing Groups A group for people supporting small scale HPC groups at their institution.  Login