TACC's long-term mass storage solution, Ranch, is an Oracle® StorageTek Modular Library System. Ranch utilizes Oracle's Sun Storage Archive Manager Filesystem (SAM-FS) for migrating files to/from a tape archival system with a current offline storage capacity of 60 PB.
Ranch's disk cache is built on Oracle's ZFS 7240 and Dell MD3600i disk arrays containing approximately 640 TB of usable spinning disk storage. These disk arrays are controlled by a Dell R720 SAM-FS Metadata server which has 16 CPUs and 72 GB of RAM.
Two Oracle StorageTek SL8500 Automated Tape Libraries house all of the offline archival storage. Each SL8500 library can house up to 10,000 tapes with 64 tape drive slots. One SL8500 is currently populated with 10,000 T-10000B media where each tape is capable of holding one TB of uncompressed data while the second SL8500 houses 6,000 of the latest T-10000C media which can hold five TB of uncompressed data. Each SL8500 library also contains eight handbots to manage tapes and move them to/from the tape drives with a pass-through port connecting the two SL8500 libraries. If necessary, up to four SL8500 libraries can be integrated into a single archival solution, allowing for an offline storage capacity of 200 PB with current tape media.

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